Appalachian Grazing Conference

2011 Appalachian Grazing Conference

Please click the links below to view the 2011 Appalachian Grazing Conference.
The links represents disks 1-9 from the 2011 Appalachian Grazing Conference DVD.

Disk 1:
Greg Judy — "Developing a High Density Operation That Works"
Ray Archuleta — "Managed Grazing Systems/Soil Health & Quality"
Edward Rayburn — "Ecology of High Density Grazing"

Disk 2:
Greg Judy — "The Economics of High Density Grazing"
Kim Cassida — "Pasture Management for Sheep and Goats"
Nevin Mast/ Edward Rayburn — "Producer's Success Story"
Michael Kenty — "Latigo: A Dual-Acid, Low-Volatility Herbicide"

Disk 3:
John Vandevender — "Species for Drought Management"
Kenneth Turner — "Finishing Lambs and Meat Goat Kids on Pasture"
Andy Johnson — "Beef's Nutritional Benefits"

Disk 4:
Edward Rayburn/ Phillip Osborne — "Low Cost Cow/Calf Production"
Susan Duckett/ John Andrae — "Facts and Myths About Grass Fed Beef"
John Andrae — "Supplementation in Pasture Finishing System"
Ozzie Abaye — "Multi-Species Grazing Effects on Soil and Pasture"

Disk 5:
Ozzie Abaye/ Edward Rayburn — "Using Your Pasture Management Tools"
Thomas Griggs/ Bobbi Bailey — "Winter Pasture and Hay Feeding Management"
Kevin Shaffer — "Residual Feed Intake/Increase Profits"

Disk 6:
Kathy Voth — "Turn Your Livestock into Weed Eaters"
Kathy Voth — "Making Peace with Weeds"

Disk 7:
Kathy Voth — "Cows Eat Weed"

Disk 8:
"Davis College Presentations Part: One"

Disk 9:
"Davis College Presentations Part: Two"